Photography is something I’m truly passionate about.  I get to be creative. I find newborn babies amazing and feel honored whenever I am asked to capture such a fleeting time period. These first couple of weeks go incredibly fast and it is not something that can ever be captured like this again.  Seniors make me smile and fill me with inspiration.  They are cool, they know what they want and are almost willing to do whatever I ask of them to get a cool shoot.  I wish I could photograph them all day, everyday.  They are the most fun people!  Lastly, come my weddings, which is a photography that I thought I would never want to even step foot into.  If I hadn't tried it, I would have missed one of the most amazing things to capture and witness in a person's life.


I believe in printed art work, and not digital images only.  I do sell digital imagery but want you also to walk away with something tangible that you can look at and see everyday.  I want to be able to create pieces that generations to come will be able to look back on and view easily.  How much do you love going through old pictures of your parents or better yet, grandparents and seeing who they were and where they came from?  What will your children and grandchildren have to remember you by?   What could be better then capturing a moment and creating art that will be cherished for years to come?


My approach to photographing people is with patience, respect, and intuition.  You’ll find me using mixed light, both natural and strobe.  I carry with me very few gadgets, and let my subjects set the mood.  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) as well as the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), which allows me to attend many amazing photography events and continue to educate, grow and stay current as a photographer.


Things I LOVE in a picture…the moment, which often times we don't even realize is happening until it is over.  Natural expressions, pure joy, the essence of who a person really is...and yes, this can be shown and pulled out through a photograph.  A newborn baby's skin and tiny toes.  The expression on your soon to be husbands face as you walk down the isle.  All of these things and so much more make me want to continue to photograph!

My other LOVES…my husband, who is my best friend and biggest supporter, my two little girls who teach and inspire me daily to do better and to be better.  I love not only going to, but also performing in musical theater.  I get teary eyed every time the music begins to open a new show. I love photography more then anything else I have ever done or tried before.  Other things that bring me great joy are laughing (It's loud and you will hear it from across the room!), warm sunny days, a good challenge, anything girly, the color yellow, and my absolute favorite is being able to curl up on the couch and read a magazine while having a vanilla latte.


I'd love to meet you and get to know you now.  Please contact me and drop me a line!