Do you think about those who will look at your photos a few generations from now?  Will they even have anything to look at?  We rely heavily on visual reminders.  How important are your memories?  How will your family see and remember you? Technology changes constantly and what we rely on now to hold onto our memories may not even work several years from now.  Printed products like wall portraits and printed media can be handed down through generations!  The blog post below was written by Nancy Doud and explains my feeling about photography and printed artwork perfectly. Please take a moment to read.

Every stage of life is just that: a stage. They are short lived and precious. Every stage of your life, of your children’s lives and of your family’s life is an image worth capturing. Portraits show us experiences. They show us who we’ve been and who we are. What could be more important than that?  Don’t wait…things change too fast.  Call me today at (336) 244-2553 for a consultation!

I understand that the process of getting a portrait taken is a big deal, and sometimes a little scary. Unlike other photographers in the area, I sit down with you before you get your portraits taken so that we are not meeting for the first time on the day of your portrait session.  This allows you to hopefully feel a bit more comfortable with me as well as allows us to discuss exactly what your end vision is.  We can discuss outfit choices, locations, as well as photography products so that when the shoot takes place we are shooting with a purpose, and not just shooting in hopes of getting a shot that might work in your home.

I promise you will look your best.  Whether you’re a senior looking for your last school picture, a dancer wanting to show off your technique or a parent of a newborn who wants to make sure that those first few days that are so quickly fleeting are captured just right, I can help.

After your photo session is complete we will meet for your portrait viewing and ordering session.  During this time i’ll take the time to work with you to organize your thoughts and then decide together on which portraits have the overall look and feel that you love and want to display in your home.